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Following are the awards available to our associate members, along with judging criteria for each. 

1. Best Custom Closet or Custom Storage Space
Two categories by price point: Under $15,000; $15,000+

  • Judging criteria: Creativity, unique storage space, complexity of design and integration of specific client needs.

2. Best Custom Millwork or Cabinetry

  • Judging Criteria: Creativity; unique use of millwork, woodwork or custom cabinetry; complexity; practicality of the design; integration into overall design of the space.

3. Best New or Updated Showroom

  • Judging Criteria: Traffic flow, presentation of products and information and theme of environment.

4. Best Use of Exterior Materials

  • Judging Criteria: Creative approach, aesthetic and market appeal and functional value.
  • Examples: custom stonework, innovative siding product

5. Best Use of Solid Surface Material, Glass or Stone

  • Judging Criteria: Creative use of stone, glass or solid surface materials, along with the creativity and complexity of the design and integration with the overall design of the space.

6. Best Use of Smart Home/AV Technology

  • Judging Criteria: Creative use of smart home or audio visual technology, the complexity and practicality of the design, and integration with the overall design of the space.
  • Examples: Voice activation (lights, music, etc.), security system

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